New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction


Located just outside downtown Minneapolis, Sparkling Klean demonstrated our expertise by thoroughly cleaning a newly constructed single-family home. The goal was to ensure that every corner of the newly built home met the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism before it was presented to the homeowners for their grand unveiling.

Client Needs

Our collaboration was with the developers of a high-status residential community. Designed to accommodate a diverse community of residents, it required a meticulous final clean to ensure it was pristine, welcoming, and up to the mark for its future residents.

Project Challenges

As with all projects, we encounter specific painpoints that need addressing. Our cleaning experience helps us address each need. The following are the specific challenges we faced in completing this assignment:

Cleaning Post-Construction Residue

Navigating through the remnants of construction, including debris, unused materials, and stains, demanded a strategic approach. Our solution encompassed deploying an array of advanced cleaning technologies and methods to meticulously remove all traces of construction, leaving every surface spotless and ready for occupancy.

Ensuring Thorough Cleanliness in a Tight Timeline

The imperative to clean the building swiftly yet thoroughly without compromising on quality was met with our skilled scheduling. By organizing our workforce efficiently, we guaranteed a rapid turnaround, ensuring the new home was in excellent condition before the client handover.

Environmental and Safety Compliance

Our commitment to safety and the environment was demonstrated through our strict adherence to safety guidelines and our use of eco-friendly cleaning agents. Our team's ongoing training in these areas ensured a safe, sustainable, and efficient cleaning process.

Comprehensive Cleaning Expertise

Sparkling Klean delivered an exhaustive suite of cleaning services for this residential project. From high-reaching window cleaning to deep sanitation of living spaces and common areas, our efforts were tailored to meet the unique requirements of a new construction clean-up. We took great care to ensure that every aspect of the residence was inviting and exceeded the expectations of future residents.

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Your Partner in Post-Construction Excellence

Sparkling Klean is your go-to expert for transforming new construction homes into pristine living spaces. We are poised to bring unparalleled cleanliness and refinement to your current and future residential projects. Our adept team is ready to tackle the challenges of post-construction cleaning, ensuring your property is beautiful, welcoming, and move-in ready.

By transcending these challenges, Sparkling Klean has proven its adaptability and commitment to delivering top-tier cleaning services for any project scale. Let us extend our expertise to your new construction home, ensuring it stands out as a paragon of cleanliness and elegance.

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